A Lenten Retreat with Stained Glass Windows of St. Denis Church

You are invited to look at 4 stained glass windows of the church over these 40 days of Lent: The Prodigal Son, The Cure of the Blind Man, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection.  As you begin to spend time with each window, take a few deep breaths and quiet yourself so to enter into a prayerful, reflective stance before God.  Pray, asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten you as you look at the beautiful images.  Then, first think of the way the window affects you, without looking at the questions listed below; let the window “speak” to you first and impact you by its details.  After you spend time with the window “on your own,” let the following points “accompany you” and assist you in further reflection.  Each point has an “underlined” detail you are asked to notice and reflect on and then read and ponder the corresponding questions.  Take your time with each window; you do not have to do it all at once.  It is a good thing to persist in prayer focusing on only one thing so as to get the most from the experience.  It is also good to go back to “re-view” and repeat your meditation, going deeper in thought and perhaps picking up new insights.  Always see this type of prayer as no mental exercise, but a moment of prayer when the Holy Spirit calls you to respond to your being inspired by the liturgical artwork.  May God bless you in your prayer.

Click on a thumbnail to begin the Retreat - Photo Credits:  Thanks to the splendid work of Bob Wehner, to whom we are extremely grateful!

prodigal s
The Prodigal Son
blindman s
The Healing of the Blind Man
crucifix s
The Crucifixion
resurrection s
The Resurrection



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Our Stained Glass Windows

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